Joy Liberman
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Recent Paintings
For an artist, the danger of deviating from the classic “fruit in a bowl” still-life or run of the mill landscape presents itself in various forms.

The first is that what we create can be deemed superficial. Our insistence to derive meaning or morals out of our work is sometimes what buries us. We find ourselves trying too hard to connect an object on canvas with an idea, a value, a political theory.

The second danger lies in our inherent fear that our message will come off as overly simplistic. After all, using an image to portray an idea is a dangerous game. We’ve always been taught to avoid judging books by their covers.

Allow me to dispel these misguided judgments. When my art passes from my brush to the panel, it is mine. When it passes from the panel to your eyes, it becomes yours.

Yes, I could tell you what I “mean” by each one of my paintings, but you will create your own meaning. After all, if there is one reason for art to exist, it is to create meaning out of the world that surrounds us.