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Perceptions are influenced by many factors. The landscape can be seen as a sweeping vista that changes while driving in a car, or a view from a window of a home, or a particular spot of interest along a walking path. The perception also depends on the individual who sees the landscape. A farmer may notice the fields of grain. A hunter looks into the forest imagining a hunt for wild boar. An architect surveys a landscape for its potential development. People who systematically travel through a landscape as a means of getting from home to work probably notice landmarks which identify places to turn right or left but may not really see anything in between. Some individuals focus on the general, while others are drawn more to particular details.

The first of this series of paintings is an 18 foot canvas encompassing an expansive view of Pietra Lunga, Italy. My second goal was to extract the particular from the whole and examine the possibilities within the landscape.The canvases focus on both acres and inches.